Shawn and Beibei


Oh Praag! Het staat nog steeds op mijn bucketlist om hierheen te gaan. En nu ik deze rauwe natuur zie, krijg ik weer reiskriebels. Deze sferen passen zó goed bij de herfst en zijn het ideale voorbeeld dat je juist ook in de kou prachtige beelden kan krijgen. Ik hou van nieuwe seizoenen en het feit dat Europa te gek is. De in Brooklyn gevestigde fotograaf van Forged in The North schrijft:

“When we got Shawn and Beibei’s email about shooting in Prague, we were ecstatic, we have always wanted to shoot there! Finding out more about them made us even more excited. They are from Guangzhou, China and described our style as “unique, joyful, narrative, humour, timeless, filmic, artistic”. All the qualities we hope to show in our work. They also described their relationship in such a beautifully simple way: “We knew each other because of a singer that we both like. [Shawn] is a businessman who loved Chinese tea, Chinese history, photography and singing, and I love classical music, non-fiction, mountains and rivers.” Shooting them was so natural because we were all on the same page with the same vision. When we met them in Prague, they told us they wanted to get out of the city and see the countryside. We drove for a couple hours the next day and explored the wonderful Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The timing of the mist while we were shooting was just the icing on the cake.”

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Couple: Shawn and Beibei | Photographer: Forged in the North


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